Dear people, let s say on to Us guided: Time stands still & We are invited To enter, if We like fear to melt...



We are a group of artists, who s deepest concern is the enlightenment of what it's about with the New Time. The Anderstwelt is more & more visible to everyone. It is a nice training ground, to approach the always expanding Worlds of Dimensions, which will be gradually discovered & explored in the near future. Therefore art & especially the sound, voice & music seems to be the most appropriate means of style for Us.


We have come to the realization that sound, so the primordial soup of ancient-sound, is the most effective way to transmute old unloved and persistent structures. Each beings very own nature sound, found in ourselves & toned by heart, heals faster inner wounds & injuries, than any other technique or spiritual practice that we know.


If there is such a thing as a religion for us, it's the tones.


"Merlinson is rubbing the sides of our common reality in his perception with his camera so tenderly like a violinist his beloved instrument.

From this moving images are arising, which depict his enchanted moment & charm. Magical moments always arise of the moment of the now that is aware of itself & the creativity to fashion that moment in all its beauty."   ~ Merlin ~.


LOVE, We are Merlinson


P.S. Why always this annoying donation buttons? Because they are still needed to fund the work, which really is from the heart. We consider this as a transition period & be abolished immediately, when our work is paid by itself!

Much is here for free ~ but nothing for nothing!

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Welcome, welcome to the Anderstwelt!