Dear people, let s say on to Us guided: Time stands still & We are invited To enter, if We like fear to melt...

Welcome dear benefactors !


You are right here!


This is one of 3 of my websites. It's about the transmutation of Gaia. Since1997 I have explored in steps that planetary ascension is linked with personal ascension. Thus to make it harmoniously as possible for the benefit of all. This was decided so in the Intergalactic Council of People of the Earth with my voice.

My research is predominantly of intellectual nature and strongly linked to human consciousness. While I came across in the essence that a balanced harmony of mind, feeling, and body is the best way to extend the consciousness. In an other perceived essence it comes that imagination & reality, as well as being & doing up from the fifth density are the same. This fivedimensional concept allows amazing research results in its practical application. You find them on my pages in the form of each mainly Block Entries (EARTHFRIENDS Website), Channelings (ISAIS Website) and Music/Film (MERLINSON Webside).


I have very diverse contacts with various groups dealing with the transmutation of their bodies and thus also of the planet. Some of them have recognized that they are here exactly for this topic. For me, there is no greater task as the service for Gaia. Many of these groups are in the wings, so to speak, to get started. And here you come in the game! Together, we will establish a network in the whole German-speaking area D-A-CH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) that is supportive to introduce people in this region towards the Galactic Society that is around the world to arise. Gently we make known the people with their true origin, which lies in the stars and set foundations for the peaceful encounter with our star brothers and sisters.

These points respond in particular to my heart:


(1) promoting any kind of peaceful actions, to stop the depletion & poisoning as soon as possible

(2) schools with new subjects, especially in the area of empathy

(3) universities, which taught the true history of mankind

(4) educating the masses about the true history of humanity

(5) research groups in the field of awareness technology

(6) promotion of artists and artist groups of all types

(7) global festivals of artistic kind

(9) promotion of research, to get the meltdown in Hiroshima under control

(8) cleaning up the oceans & promoting of a technology that does this in the future

(9) promotion of private & urban food cultivation

and much more.


I am & most members of my familiar groups are aware that all ideologies seem like poison that clouds human consciousness & we are as free as possible from them.


It is so far!


Nuremberg 4/21/2016, Mischa Merlinson


( (( ((( 666 8 69 8 999 ))) )) )


Welcome, welcome to the Anderstwelt!