Dear people, let s say on to Us guided Time stands still & We are invited To enter, if We like Our fear to melt...

These websites make the Anderstwelt visible.

And is it visible for Us, the soul shines with joy,

what is expressed through our sparkling eyes.


The truly largest & only truthful magic

is the strong stream of life,

constantly emanating from our source.

It can be perceived as love power within us.

Merlinson makes visible, audible and tactile the enchanting beauty of unconditional love,

so that it will be activated and brought on stream.


Enter with all your senses

May the immense flow begin !

The art of living is, more & more often to remember

Our inherent ability to love unconditionally.

All forms of art are an effective tool for this purpose.

Seen in this way, our very own life is pure art

expressed by us, while we we extend more & more into

the great beings of light, that we truly are!


Making the invisible visible is Merlinsons art form.

And so we do this for eye, ear and feeling.


A fugacious charm is inherent in every moment

And it sounds on and on:

Hold me & I fade away

Love me & I stay there

Welcome, welcome to the Anderstwelt !